Top 3 perks of destination weddings

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Close your eyes and imagine a beach. The sun is shining. A cool breeze ruffles your hair. You walk down an aisle of sand between chairs filled with a select few of your loved ones, to greet your groom.Or perhaps a european wedding at an Italian vineyard is more your speed. The smell of grapes permeating. A delicious home cooked meal awaiting your guests. In both instances you are calm,and relaxed.All details have been taken care of by the resort and your travel agent. All you had to do was invite your tribe, and show up.

Destination weddings are gaining popularity every year. Their all inclusive nature, and lower price tag, make them an enticing alternative to local ceremonies. The benefits are many. If you are considering a destination wedding, here are 3 perks to help in your decision.

1. Cost
Destination weddings are considerably cheaper than traditional home weddings. Guests generally pay for themselves. The natural scenery takes care of the decoration. Best of all most resorts are all inclusive so there are less unexpected costs.

2. Honeymoon
The wedding locale can be your honeymoon as well. Just stay an extra week after the ceremony, and save the cost of setting up another trip.

3. Guests
Guests pay their own airfare, and lodging at most destination weddings. This ensures that only those who truly care about you will be there. They would not be willing to spend upwards of $1000.00 if they did not. On the flip side, this does leave out loved ones who love you, but can’t afford it. A simple reception at home upon your return will often alleviate hurt feelings.

These are just a few of the many reasons to consider a destination wedding. Contact BDD Travel today to start exploring your options!

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